Guitar Lessons London

Guitar Lessons London

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John Mizarolli 07958 427 236

Expert Private Guitar Lessons

Englands Leading

Blues, Rock & Jazz Guitarist

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John Mizarolli has been taught and nurtured

himself by Historical Music Legends in

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Acoustic and Metal.

His influence on your guitar feel,

improvisation genres and composing ability

will leave an everlasting sonic fingerprint

on your guitar playing abilities that listeners

will feel and hear thus, raising the

standard of your performance.


This is why guitarists come worldwide
including USA, Africa, Switzerland ,
Greece, Holland, Canada, Australia
and New Zealand specifically to
study with John in guitar lessons that
offer his 40 years of professional

experience, on the road, teaching and
as a Session Guitarist in the
Recording Studio.


His guitar lessons are a combination of

the following techniques applied to your

playing: Production, Management,

Performing Ability, Music Consciousness,

High Level Musicianship.....
At Music of the Spheres guitar lessons,

you try to forget academic qualifications

and certificates to realise you can either

play or not? These guitar lessons are an

atmosphere or environment where you

are treated as if you were in a band!


Not many guitar lessons offer realistic

advice on how to make a living from your

playing whether it is gigging, teaching or

recording. His guitar lessons and music

consciousness can transform you into a

Master Musician.

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Rated as the best electric lead guitarist

since Jimi Hendrix, it is not surprising

many superstars have refused to have

John as an opening support act!


When John is In The Zone, he blows

most guitar stars off the planet. If

you listen to the performances on the

homepage, you will hear proof of the

pudding! His version of Hey Joe

is the best in Guitar Rock History

to date. Some say his version of

Purple Rain was better than Prince!


If you love the electricity of creativity,

maybe you should get off your butt

and give some time and dedication

to your axeman abilities. Forget

X-Factor and Artistes literally crying

and begging to be famous on TV.

Art for the sake of Art is coming back!
Ultimate shallow is as low as it gets!

Help Music of the Spheres bring back

the respect that artistes deserve!

UKs Hottest Virtuoso Teacher

1 Man Guitar Institute

Zen Music Teaching Jedi

Expert Private Guitar Tuition


07958 427 236

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Free Guitar Lessons Info Pack

Please feel free to phone on 07958 427 236

Mizarolli Axe PhenomenonMizarolli released 25 Albums as of 2016
Music of the Spheres teaches All StylesConquer Fear
69 Fleetwood Rd
Dollis Hill
NW10 1NR
United Kingdom




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Guitar Lessons London

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Uk's leading axe virtuoso and tutor

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