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Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Izzee Misri - Bass John Mizarolli - Guitar/Vocals Kenny Stone - Drums
Virtuoso Extraordinaire
John Mizarolli Guitar & Vocals
Izzee Misri Bass
Kenny Stone Drums






The Music Industry blocked 'MIZAROLLI AXE PHENOMENON' The Music Record Industry has lost between 75% and 95% of its income due to its political agenda against its own artists

Aint Nobody Gonna Bring Me Down

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Live in Malta 2008



Michael Jackson was killed by the Music Industry Prince was killed by the Music Industry

All Ive Got Is Love

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon
Live in Malta 2008




Jimi Hendrix was killed by the Music Industry Bob Marley was killed by the Music Industry


Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Live in Malta 2008


Tipped as the best trio since

Jimi Hendrix Experience!
The band wanted to stay

independant, big problems!
New World Order is alive

and well in the Music Biz!

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Kenny Stone

Kenny Stone

May not be a drummer you have heard of but, for over 20 years, he has been the backbone of many UK & Europe touring artistes. The driving force of rhythmic rockers JoJo Namoza, he has shared the stage with Suzie Quatro, Hazel O Connor, The Levellers & Wilco Johnson to name a few. His powerful energetic style takes influences from drumming legends such as John Bonham, Bill Bruford and Buddy Rich, fused together and delivered with simplistic dynamic power.


Izzee Misri

Izzee Misri

Learnt to play at school in BUZ with Johnny Axeman Mizarolli. He went on to play 60s & 70s Pop & Soul Bands such as The Honeycombs, Edison Lighthouse, The Foundations, Len Barry (ex Chubby Checker) and Smokey Robinson. He also played with legendary guitarist Paul Kossoff in a version of Back Street Crawler, Paul Rogers, Mick Moody of Whitesnake, The Real Thing and Mott The Hoople.


John Lennon was killed by the CIA

Big Joe Turner

bassist for

BB King, Albert King,

Freddie King, John Lee Hooker &

Little Milton endorsed John as
The No 1 Uk Blues Guitarist

Pete Brown

Creams lyricist, quoted John Mizarolli as an Extraordinary Guitarist who is the best guitarist in the world continuing the Hendrix legacy!

Guitarist Magazine
Major British Guitarist

Cliff Douse

Guitar Techniques Editor
John is a

Great Guitarist & Teacher

Italian Press Review

15000 attendance in Rome
Revelation of

Ginger Bakers Band Energy

Stupefying wizardry!

International Encyclopaedia Of

Rock & Heavy Metal
Virtuoso Extraordinaire


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Blues at Londons

Mean Fiddler

Uk 2007

Check the Rockumentary featuring guests like the

Steve Bush
Stereophonics, Ronnie Wood


Pete Brown
The Cream, Jeff Beck


Big Joe Turner
BB King, John Lee Hooker


Izzee Misri
Paul Kossoff, Paul Rogers


Tony Natale
Jaco Pastorius, John Fogerty


Ed Collins
Big Joe Turner


Lawson Mair


John Mizarolli on YouTube



Tupac was killed by the Music Industry Otis Redding was killed by the Music Industry Sam Cooke was killed by the Music Industry Pythagoras was killed by the Truth



For a planet to exist with genocide, war and a starvation class, yet have the arrogance to call itself civilised renders all philosophies and belief systems to date spiritually dead as they cannot manifest on the physical plane. Hence the declaration that all earth gods are man made. Feed the starving and prove that at least the concept of god exists.

Be Ye Wise as SerpentsJudge atree by its fruit Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon Robots Awakening Dance

Yes judgement day may soon be here and all gods shall be called upon to yield their fruit. Is the collective consciousness of humankind so dead that the concentration camp called Africa on planet earth is allowed to continue forever under violent archetypes. Soon all people of the earth, governments, organised religions, corporates and charities will be called upon amongst others claiming love and god to contribute the small sum of a 100 billion dollars a year, the sum required to end starvation forever. A mechanism will be launched as an attempt to satisfy this humanitarian need which the warlords pretend to be a 'do gooders' pathetic cause.

John Lennon Abduction is seeds Excalibur We are from Water

Every now and then history is made. We now have the Powernet to cease starvation. If people are fed noone will lose their status, whether it be social, military, corrupt, spiritual or illegal! In the last 30 years there have been holocausts of the arab, african and many other races. The rape of the earths resources has led to the beast of corporate greed rendering human life almost irrelevant. Every weapon that has ever been invented has been used for terrorism. There is no more rope left. War is bad enough but starvation has become Vampire Voyeurism that even deities seem to enjoy!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholderThe Revolution is Now16000 Child soldiers have been recruited in Sudan 2016380000 children have been murdered since 1980 in Brazil

Will the real benevolent god step forward please or forever hold your disgusting silence!


A Paedophile ring is being protected in the British parliament 2016 The suicide rate of Red Indian Children between 15 and 18 is 50% in Canada 80000 Kids commit suicide on Earth every year

One of the most electric rock bands since the Experience

There are no Governments, only Corporate ConbtrolLove is an EnergyIs Music a Mirror?John is reputed to have taken electric guitar improvisation further than Hendrix!

Guitar Guru & Virtuoso Extraordinaire

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Jimi Hendrix Fans

Earth is behind schedule

MIZAROLLI is reputed to be the closest inspirational guitarist to perform Hendrix in the world. Despite being versed in his own style, by popular demand he is often asked to play Hendrix due to his ability to channel the same sphere as Jimi's source. Click below and you be the judge. Learn guitar with a cult legend and enjoy!




Voodoo Child



Jimi Hendrix - The Greatest Electric Guitar Player of the 20th Century






Spirit Mind Body Method

If Earth blips out - so what - the Universe has zillions of similar planetsMusic Of The SpheresMizarolli Axe Phenomenon

NATO is corrupting and again plans to fuck Africa#


Julian AssangeSnowdenAlex Jones

David IckeAnonymousWe are Religiously and Scientifically in a Cage of Light

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The slower your mind moves, the more you can percievePhotosonic PerceptionThe choice is now Mr ArmsDealerRude Awakening

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Uks Leading Virtuoso!

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