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Pete Brown is Cream's Legendary Lyricist - Remember 'Politician' 'Sunshine Of Your Love' & 'White Room'

Creams Legendary Lyricist Pete Brown endorses John Mizarolli Guitar Tuition!






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Jedi Courses with the Teachers Teacher, JOHN MIZAROLLI. UKs Leading Guitar Mentor. Free info pack and initial meeting. Unique, Hitech, Cutting Edge Zen Guitar Improvisation Course.


5 years progress in 6 months. 27000 students to date. Blues, rock, jazz, funk and metal. Over 200 Mp3s Onsite! Learn guitar with Uks Leading Axe Tutor!





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A starvation class is totally unacceptable on a civilised planet!
The most dangerous and misused drug in the world is Power!





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