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Rock Blues Meltdown!

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

UKs No 1
Rock Blues
Power Trio



Live at the Mean Fiddler London UK 2007

Video 1



Video 2



~Izzee Misri - Rock Bassist Of Pure Feel

Izzee Misri learnt to play at school in ‘Buz’ with Johnny 'Axeman' Mizarolli. He also played with many soul, pop and rock legends like Edison Lighthouse, The Foundations, Len Barry (ex Chubby Checker) and Smokey Robinson and The Honeycombs. He was in a version of Back Street Crawler with Free's legendary guitarist, Paul Kossoff. Other luminaries were Paul Rodgers, Wendle Richardson (Osibisa), BeBop Deluxe, Mick Green (The Pirates), Climax Blues Band, Nicky Moore, Big Jim Sullivan, Mick Moody (Whitesnake), The Real Thing and Mott the Hoople.

Kenny Stone Drums
Kenny Stone may not be a drummer you have heard of, but for over 20 years, he has been the back bone of many touring artists in the UK & Europe. The driving force of rhythmic rockers JoJo Namoza, he shared the stage with Suzie Quatro, Hazel O'Connor, the Levellers & Wilco Johnson to name a few. His powerful energetic style takes influences from drumming legends such as John Bonham, Bill Bruford and Buddy Rich, fused together and delivered with simplistic, dynamic power.

John Mizarolli




Video 3

All Ive Got Is Love

Amazing Electric Blues

Live Video Footage 2008
Malta Jazz & Rock Festival

Video 4

Aint Nobody Gonna Bring Me Down

Great Rock Guitar Stuff

Live Video Footage 2008

Malta Jazz & Rock Festival

Video 5

Innovative Rock
Live Video Footage 2008
Malta Jazz & Rock Festival


Jimi Hendrix Fans
Jimi Hendrix - The Greatest Electric Guitar Player of the 20th Century

Mizarolli is reputedly the closest inspirational guitarist to perform Hendrix in the world. Though strongly versed in his own style, he is a master at performing Hendrix. His ability to surf Jimis Spaceland is uncanny. Click the 3 tracks below and you be the judge. Why not enjoy learning guitar with UKs ultimate cult rock guitarist?


All Along
The Watchtower



Voodoo Child


Hey Joe



Truth Is My Weapon Of Choice

Guitar Is My Voice

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All is Frequency






The Zone is Zerotime

from which all is Stillness









Now Listen to 17 Truly

Amazing Rock Songs

Dont Preach To Me
Dark Space
Aint Nobody Gonna
Bring Me Down
Only One Way Out

Theres A Traitor

Here Among Us

All Ive Got Is Love
Chill Out
It Happened To Me
Im Gonna Ressurect
My Love For You
Mistaken Identity
Time Dont Wait
Walk Away
You Cant Run
Youre So Crude
Voodoo Child
I Cant Take The Pace

John has taught over
27000 guitarists in 32 years!

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