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John is the first musician in history to document the science and art of photosonic music perception and introduces the concept in his guitar lessons! To perform, improvise, create, produce and compose using light coding as the tool to convert ethereal to material spontaneously. Using electric guitar as the tool and Jimi Hendrix as the inspiration of this mode, a series of different courses have been researched, developed and activated over the last 35 years. A private guitar institute with millenium level principles now exists teaching zen improvisation in London, UK. Spirituality is the highest source of music, transcending all corporate attempts to eclipse many sources of transmission to the planet. These lessons are not for the uninspired.

The most efficient method of understanding the technique is by attending private tuition in London. Maximum progress in the lessons is attained by full time commitment to the course. Part time commitment still yields incredible results and most of Mizarolli's students are part time. Due to the nature of the material, musicians attain a noted quantum leap in their understanding and technical abilities resulting in a more professional performance and sound. This leads to increased possibilities in terms of performing, creating, teaching, gigging, arranging, recording or monetarizing ones talent should you so desire. The songs on the homepage reflect the genre of styles covered in John's courses.


If you are ready to dedicate energy, time and commit to these guitar lessons seriously then phone John 07958 427 236


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