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Guitar Theory Courses in London

Music Theory Syllabus
Guitar Lessons by Guitar Virtuoso John Mizarolli 08707 508 508

Learn to play guitar using
advanced musical knowledge. All theory can be made practical.

Limits are imagination, feel, technique, rhythm, vision, influences, inspiration, dedication, motor skills, belief & experience!





Bridge To The Spheres
End Starvation, Genocide & War
Mermaid Of The Heavens



Root Music Matrix
Cycle of 4ths & 5ths
Chromatic Scale



Be Inspired
Rap Music
Music Notation



Diatonic & Chromatic

Melody, Harmony & Chords



Feel The Music
Criminal Act



Guitar Chord Mapping

Unlocking the Fretboard
Chord DNA



Fibonacci Series
Defeat The New World Order




New Science of Tonality
Rainbow Music

is here to stay



Maya is Mind Illusion
The Heart Is Larger Than Time
Believe In Change For Human Rights Worldwide



Intervals Mental
Spacial Displacement


Spirit Is Dark Matter
Over 400000 Children Have Been Killed In Brazil By The Death Squads Since 1980
The Zone Is Zero Time


Scale & Chord Anagrams

Harmonising Scales

to Create Chords



Cosmic Clown
The 12 Note Octave
Cross Of Fear





An Ancient Art
Altered Modes



Truth Is Greater Than Time Itself
Geometric Answer To The Unified Field Theory Is A Dimensional Fractal



Harmonic Analysis
Demystifying soloing

over Chord Changes



Quantum Dynamics
Transcend The Mind Control
Superstring Theory



Multiple Eargasms



Guitar Lessons by John Mizarolli 08707 508 508
Knowledge Is Only Useful In Harmlessness



1st and 2nd Stage
Chord Substitution



Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon
Johnny Boy
Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon



Slash Chords
Chord Morphing



Free Guitar Lesson
You Iz The Man
Axe Phenomenon




Mathematical Composition
Music from Random Numbers



What is a pitch in music theory?
What is the meaning of tonic triad?



The Traditional II-V-I

Jazz Formula
Practical Applications




Is music theory the same for all instruments?
What are dotted notes in music?
Understanding Basic Music Theory - Practical Application



The Blues-Jazz Bridge
Jazz Applied in Blues




Chord-Scale Relationships
Tertial Harmony
Quartal Harmony



Blues Theory
It never got better than
Hendrix In The  West
How to solo over a 12 Bar



Dual Harmony
Quintal Harmony
Sextal Harmony



Octave Dispersion
Practical Application

in Solos and Chords



Septal Harmony
Advanced Substitution Concepts for Chords
What does Bitonal mean?


The Jazz Rock Bridge
Plug it into

Heavy Metal




What does Atonal mean?
Music God
Sonic Avatar






Jazz Turnarounds
Chord Mazes & Substitutions




String Tapping Genius
Eddie was a classical pianist too
Rock Guitar Innovator




Releasing Your

Chromatic Brain
Beginnings of Colour Playing




Gypsy Jazz Music Theory
Django was B.B. King's favorite guitarist
Unique Jazz Guitarist




Static and Moving Harmony
Chord Fantasias
Kaleidoscope Sounds




Flamenco guitarists look down on Gypsy Guitarists because they are jealous of their ability to improvise
Gypsy guitar improvisation legend
Manitas De Plata was a Flamenco Legend



Play anything and make it work
How to bluff and sound Kool




Fundamentals of Music Theory
Female Guitar Goddess
Sexbomb Rock Guitar Chick




3rd Stage Chord Substitution
Chromatic Melody
Advanced Harmony




The best blues guitarist ever
String bending artist
Blues is the voice of the soul





Modal Fusion
Not being restricted

by 1 mode

per chord

when soloing



Mandela legend
Freedom Fighter Extraordinaire
Mandela conquered apartheid politics






Chord-Scale Relationships
Increasing Melodic Expression





Band Aid Legend
Ethiopia worked
Justified anger is king











Miracle worker
peaceful revolution




Natural, Altered and Exotic Modes




murdered by MK Ultra
Game Changer
Pyramid Power




Dual to Septal Harmony




Stones legend Keith Richrds
The UK has a cure for Malaria
WWW was created by Brits




Atonal Soloing




blues legend Robert Johnson
blues master
Mizarolli is UK's leading blues guitarist




Fusion Concepts




Another guitar innovator Chuck Berry
Totally unique guitar style
Chuck used blues and jazz theory





No Jazz at all
3 chord Tricks





Indian Ragas
Ravi Shankar
Indian Music Theory




You have come
full circle!




Some guitar solos are too robotic
You need to have feel
Rock guitar is a male dominated music field



If you don't Love Guitar!

This site might be

too much for you!

Learn guitar at

Music of the Spheres

Music Of The Spheres






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07958 427 236

Uk's leading axe virtuoso and tutor

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