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John LennonJimi Hendrix

John LennonJimi Hendrix

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Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Guitar Theory Courses in London - Syllabus
Guitar Lessons by Guitar Virtuoso John Mizarolli 08707 508 508

Learn to play guitar using advanced knowledge of music theory.
All theory can be made practical.
The only limits are your imagination, technique, rhythm and experience.

Root Music Matrix - Cycle of 4ths & 5ths & Chromatic Scale


Diatonic & Chromatic Understanding - Melody, Harmony & Chords


Guitar Chord Mapping - Unlocking the Fretboard / Chord DNA


Chromasonics - New Science of Tonality - Rainbow Music is here to stay


Intervals - Mental Spacial Displacent on a Pitch/Axis

Scale & Chord Anagrams - Harmonising Scales to create Chords


Modes - An Ancient Art - Altered Modes


Harmonic Analysis - Demystifying soloing over Chord Changes

Cadences - Multiple Eargasms

1st & 2nd Stage Chord Substitution

Slash Chords - Chord Morphing

Mathematical Composition - Music from Random Numbers

The Traditional II-V-I Formula - Practical Applications

The Blues/Jazz Bridge - Jazz Applied in Blues

Blues Theory - It never got better than 'REDHOUSE' on
      "Hendrix In The  West" - How to solo over a 12-bar

Tritone - Octave Dispersion and its Practical Application in Solos & Chords

The Jazz/Rock Bridge - You can Plug it into Heavy Metal

Jazz Turnarounds - Chord Mazes & Substitutions

Releasing Your Chromatic Brain - Beginnings of Colour Playing

Static & Moving Harmony - Chord Fantasias - Kaleidoscope Sounds

Play anything and make it work - How to bluff and sound Kool

3rd Stage Chord Substitution Chromatic Melody & Advanced Harmony

Modal Fusion - Not being restricted by 1 mode per chord when soloing

Advanced Chord-Scale Relationships - Increasing Melodic Expression

Chordal Superimposition

Natural, Altered and Exotic Modes

Dual to Septal Harmony

Atonal Soloing

Fusion Concepts

Jazz-Rock Jazz-Metal Jazz-Funk & No Jazz at all - 3 chord Tricks

You have come full circle!

If you don't Love Guitar this site might be too much for you!
Learn guitar at Music of the Spheres

Guitar Lessons by John Mizarolli 08707 508 508

guitar lessons 07958 427 236

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