Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon
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Blues-Rock-Jazz Axeman

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Experience the widest guitar

improvisation spectrum ever

performed by 1 dude

in music history!

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon


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Until You Hurt Me


Voodoo Chile


Dont Preach To Me

3rd Eye Of The Cobra

Purple Rain

Wood Nymph

Freefall Over Brazil

Hey Joe

Im On The Road Again

All Ive Got Is Love

Crystal Ball

Jazz Metal

Culture Of Fear

Key To The Highway


Ode To Manitas

Aint Nobody Gonna

Bring Me Down

All Along The Watchtower

Freedom Jazz Dance


Relentless Storm

Dont Care No More

Tears In My Sky


Against The Tide


Johnnys Jangle

Hoochie Coochie Man

Judes Jam

Sitting On A Hollow Log


If you are an Electric or Acoustic Guitarist and like what you hear then maybe you would like to enhance your playing and musical goal? Consider trying Private Guitar lessons in London with John? All levels from Novice to Superstar have passed through his courses. Obviously different levels require a diverse range of musical achievements.



John is not supported by the music industry and has been recording his compositions with finance earned independently. You will find many useful sonic gems to make your vision manifest within time frames you never dreamed of provided you dedicate the time and energy truly required in this magical field.


Blues Guitar Courses London

The goal of most guitar players, musicians, improvisers, performers and composers is, to imagine a sound in your minds ear and simultaneously manifest and hear exactly what you visualised through the speakers, leaving you, your instrument and your fingers as a transparent medium behind the sound! Feel and Science working in total harmony! It is possible, with the
right aproach and knowledge.




Tuition for ambitious players


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Fastrack Guitar Lesson Enquiries

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