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Right On The Edge
Purple Rain Solo
Against The Tide
Key To The Highway
Hoochie Coochie Man
Peace Treaty 2012
Don't Preach To Me
Ode To Manitas
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Alien Transmission

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John LennonJimi Hendrix
Jimi HendrixJohn Lennon

Jimi Hendrix

Learn to play guitar!

Jimi Hendrix - The Greatest Electric Guitar Player of the 20th Century
John Mizarolli Sings and Plays Hendrix
Mizarolli plays Voodoo Child

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Spirit Mind Body Method
Zen mastery is manifest will of creative spirit in time & space!
Check out yet another Free Mp3 Download here! Is this the future of electric guitar?

Zen music techniques
from ex-lead guitarist for Eric Clapton's legendary
60's drummer, Ginger Baker of Cream, the worlds 1st Rock Supergroup!

Private guitar lessons
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Right on the Edge
Purple Rain Solo
Against the Tide
Key to the Highway
Hoochie Coochie Man
Peace Treaty 2012
Don't Preach To Me
Ode To Manitas


* Visual pattern coding techniques are the future *
* Brain processing speed is crucial to performance *
* Learn guitar with a unique axe Jedi legend, mentor and virtuoso *
* Chi-phonics, Photosonics and Chromasonics are real music sciences *
* Private tuition in London. All styles improvisation courses *


Lessons cover the Principles of millenium music, lost chords, zen improvisation, composition and sound-muscle sync. The concepts are ahead of all music establishments on the planet! Free initial meeting to discuss the course and each guitar lesson time. The sessions can be customised to your personal schedule. Some prefer a crash course. One guitarist founded a guitar institute with the knowledge he acquired from Music of the Spheres. Results from the course are 100% practical and a quantum leap is experienced by all who take the course seriously.

Acquire endless music knowledge and total control of sound technology with mathematics, physics, psychology, philosophy, esoterics, and extraterrestrial hypotheses. ET is at home in the minds of musicians because music is emotional telepathy. In Spielbergs classic film, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, aliens use sound as conciousness interfacing technology. Music is emotional telepathy. Electromagnetic sus and visual sound is the key.

Chords, transposition, songwriting, performing, gigging, recording, production, music technology, computer music, analogue or digital theory, midi etc..
A good soloist understands chord mapping. Master orchestration, harmony, arranging, chord melody, how to read chord charts, chord construction and chromasonics.
Lessons help you to create inspiring guitar solos with endless creativity at your fingertips. A unique clear, scientific and emotional philosophy that can maximise your potential.
This teaching was the first to communicate Hendrix philosophy in the world! Forget cloning, learn to channel, surf the waves, become a frequenaut. Your instrument is your imagination!

Spirit - Mind - Body

After writing the synopsis for The Guitar Handbook the publishers insisted on no spiritual overtones. John refused and was dropped without even a credit. Rich corporates made millions, eclipsed the source, and the musician got nothing as usual.
In a pro lesson a guitar teacher can help beginners to perform beyond their wildest dreams in a short time.
The 11 Download Courses cover techniques useful for gigging and recording in all styles.
Learn to play the guitar using black belt techniques to improve rhythm chops and master advanced music theory. How to play guitar using chi is a real artform.


Learn guitar - Private tuition in London

Excellent advice, time saving mental techniques, limitless shredding, creativity and composition. Learn how to play guitar effectively, enhance performance, production, arrangement and orchestration. Private Tuition that offers frontier concepts to improve recording techniques, songwriting, articulation and tone. Improve speed, fluidity, rhythm and feel. Whether a total novice, beginner, intermediate or advanced player, you can benefit from this 1-man guitar institute and creator of Rockschool. A private guitar school in London that offers unique techniques, no wasted time, effort or money. How to play using the basics:


Bends Vibrato Chord Formulas Feedback
Ghost Bends Hammer-Ons Pull-Offs Slides
Trills Sweep Tapping Licks
Power Chords Wangy Bar Tricks Dive Bombs Rhythm
Harmonics Muting Chords Tremelo
Dropped Tunings Open Tunings Fx Pedals Riffs

Music Styles

  • Rock
  • Shred
  • Metal
  • Thrash
  • Blues
  • R & B
  • Rap
  • Jazz
  • Punk
  • Gospel
  • Calypso
  • House
  • Trance
  • Garage
  • Latin
  • Soul
  • Rockabilly
  • Country
  • Fusion
  • Spanish
  • African
  • Reggae
  • Indi
  • Dance
  • Disco
  • Jazz-rock
  • Classical
  • Ethnic
  • Funk
  • Advanced 12 Bar Blues

Advance your soloing by using intervallic and linear lines. All music theory is notated with tablature and diagrams. Amazing pro guitar tuition at Music of the Spheres! Free online beginners rock and blues lesson! Where attention goes, energy flows. Why not refocus your desire and raise your musicianship? Teaching techniques that have left above all, a trail of hot guitarists. Criticised as hippie-dippie, too far out, spiritual pap etc, the fact is his playing blows out most of the name guitarists in what's left of the music industry! Believe in feel, inspiration, energy, vision and communication. Music of the Spheres is also leading the rock school for applied music theory.

Johnny Miz - Virtuoso Extraordinaire

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