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Mizarolli has finally found 'the right' acoustic guitar. John now eagerly awaits the arrival of an Emerald X10 acoustic model. He is even taking it to show Ronnie Wood, who is recording his new album with Stereophonics producer Steve Bush, one of John's current students. The guitar was made for Steve Vai but was offered to John as a temporaray gift for Demoing these songs. He sat in on their session last Saturday at Steve's Studio, and is rumoured to be returning with our X10 demonstration model, whilst his own is under construction at Emerald's Headquarters in Ireland.

Who could blame him promoting an Emerald,  with its curvacious solid silver  deep green exterior and outstanding tonal quality.  Due to the strength of the carbon,  bracing has been eliminated,  allowing even vibrations spanning across the sound board, causing improved string balance. This is a true acoustic electric which features a 43 mm neck with offset heel which enables unprecedented access to the upper frets.  John seems to appreciate carbon fibre, as he also owns a Parker Fly Classic,  perhaps more so in the pre – ‘Guitar Sounds’ days when we weren't so inundated with amps,  guitars,  pedals and effects units and had not become somewhat spoilt for choice.

Emerald's founder Alistaire Hay,  overwhelmed by the quality of the demos,  said his favourite was 'Crystal Ball',  while marketing chief Donna Boyle said 'He really brought the guitar to life; we've been playing the samples all day on my P.C.'All the demos reveal a natural sound, achieved partly as a result of the LR Baggs l BEAM Pick Ups  fixed under the sound board to pick up the vibrations of the guitar,  and they have bright clean trebles and a punchy bass.  John always manages to brings out the tonal quality of instruments and plays them in various styles to portray the full tonal spectrum using mainly improvisations created during the recording session.

Emerald Guitars have unlimited creative abilities and some strange and beautiful instruments have emerged from their custom workshop. Why not check out their web-site – www.emeraldguitars.com after hearing the samples and consider having an Emerald built for you. Any size or colour to suit your taste,  and it may well cost less than you think.

Linda Whichelow

Check out Steve Vai's reptilian guitar designed by Emerald Guitars

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