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Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon
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Uk's Hottest Teacher and Virtuoso
1-Man Guitar Institute and Zen Teaching Jedi
JOHN MIZAROLLI 07958 427 236
Guitar Lessons by Guitar Virtuoso John Mizarolli 08707 508 508
Guitar Lessons by "Virtuoso Extraordinaire" - International Encyclopaedia of Rock & Heavy Metal
"Mizarolli - Revelation of Ginger Baker's Band 'Energy'...." Italian Press Review following 15,000 attendance in Rome
"Stupifying Wizardry...." - Kerrang
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Uk's Leading Guitar Virtuoso
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Bob Geldof and Midge Ure

Uncommon Sense

Sadistic World

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Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Meditation is Awakened Sleep

Jimi Hendrix
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix
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John Lennon

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Guitar Lessons
   Guitar Lessons Guitar Lessons

Hear the Nomad 55 In Action

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Performed by John Mizarolli
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Lover Blues

Channel 1
An inspiring clean blues tone with no resonant frequency boom is instantly achieved just by plugging in.
Fender Strat Plus

Electric Blues Flag

Channel 2
A soaring rock / blues tone results from the distortion, vintage setting.  The guitar was recorded and mixed with no compression.  A warm haunting effect gradually
unfolds, resembling a meteorite in parts.  Fender Strat Plus

Royal Jam

Channel 2
With distortion creates a Queen classic rock texture,rock rhythms and harmony guitars.  A far cry from the 3 blues tracks.  Fender Strat Plus

Cry For The Blues

Channel 2
Mild Gain Vintage has a slight edge to it.  Fender Strat Plus

guitar lessons 07958 427 236

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

For eons, wandering bands filled with inspiration and the calling of a higher purpose have left responsibility behind in search of a feeling...an experience. Trading the habitual life of security for that brief glimpse into the timeless...that fifteen minutes in the sun. It is in the spirit of this courage and resiliency that we offer a new line of all-tube, three channel amplifiers dubbed appropriately.....Nomad

 With three different fully evolved and independent channels, the Nomad pre-amp covers the sonic continents with mysterious confidence. Combine this footswitchable gain and shaping finesse with three robust power section con- figurations ( 40 watt-EL84 & 50/100 watt-6L6 ) and pack them into three combo speaker choices (1x12, 2x12 & 4x10)...you can arrive assured that you'll conquer any city you visit

Channel 1 (Rhythm) pays tribute to the Dual Calibre sparkling clean channel - which is black face in lineage, but refuses to be positively identified as it shifts to double as a high gain drifter. This new pull "Pushed" control located on the Gain pot is the same ugly circuit causing riots on the front panel of the new Single Rectifiers' and is a full blown lead mode in its own right. Channel 1 alone offers more flexibility than most two channel amps!

Channel 2 is a fat-ass blast from the past that has become all of our favorite new lead sound around the shop. This channel is part Mark1, part Heartbreaker and part Formula Pre and is so juicy, it's downright messy. Its liquid gain response in any region, from virtually clean to a violin howl is our easiest to play, fattest single note voice to date and should be played for the first time in near proximity to an uncrowded restroom

Channel 3 This rebellious channel - now a traitor to the crown - escaped only recently from across the Atlantic. Recognizing its potential we offered political asylum, freedom and a whole new identity. Imprisoned there for years...lying dormant in a sedentary life serving low gain signal to a dynamically impaired set of EL's, this brash young circuit is reborn Yankee and now threatens to challenge even the mighty Rectifier army. With an uncanny ability to disguise itself as either warrior or sage, it defies logic and description as it massages the deepest blues grudge - then turns, mercilessly slaying the unwary at the local mosh pit. Don't take our word. Just play

The culmination of so much discovery, hard work and breakthroughs beyond frustration lives in these Nomad amplifiers. They are totally comprehensive and deliver instant gratification while never sacrificing long-term satisfaction. It has been rumoured that it is the most complete amplifier you will find at virtually any price range and certainly represent the deal of this century and possibly the next at their respective pricing. And best of all...they really are at home in any musical land

Learn Guitar with Uk's Leading Blues Guitarist!


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