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John is rated UKs Best Blues Guitarist by BB King, Albert King and John Lee Hookers Legendary Bassist BIG JOE TURNER! So forget Guitar Courses that claim to be able to make you a pro in 1 year, this is pure fantasy!





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When you can, please take some time out and listen to the 21 Songs below which represent some of the different styles covered at Music Of The Spheres London Guitar Courses. The amazing genre morphing by this Legendary Axeman is nothing less than music history in the making! Hype? The guitar speaks for itself. Listen, enjoy, and if you love serious playing? Prepare to be amazed at the style range performed by the same musician! Welcome to the Best Guitar Player since Jimi Hendrix!

Guitar & Vocals

Hey Joe

Best Live Version in Guitar History

Hendrix Guitar TechniquesPlay Like Jimi HendrixLearn Hey Joe

Hoochie Coochie Man (Chitlin Blues)

Acoustic Blues Guitar CoachBB King & Albert King StylePlay Blues Guitar

Freefall Over Brazil (Contemporary Jazz)

Jazz Guitar School LondonJazz Guitar Courses-londonJazz Harmony Teacher

Bluestrail (Acoustic Country Blues)

London Acoustic Guitar TeacherDelta Blues Guitar TeacherBB King Blues Guitar Tutor

Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix)

How To Play Voodoo ChildVoodoo Child TabVoodoo Child by John Mizarolli

Culture Of Fear (Electric Gypsy Music)

Burelli LagreneDjango ReinhardtGypsy Guitar Scales

Touch (Cosmic)

Jazz School LondonSchool Of ImprovisationPrivate Guitar Academy London

African Concentration Camp (Rap)

Rap & Rock Guitar StylesFunk Rap RockRap Rock Funk

Key To The Highway (Acoustic Blues)


music-ladyEarth Eyelion-sound



Dont Preach To Me (Rock Metal)

Heavy Metal Guitar Academy Of MusicLondon School Of Rock Guitar ShredMetal Guitar Classes In London

Space Circus (Funk Rock)

Chord Scale RelationshipsChord SubstitutionChromatic Harmony

Against The Tide (Rock Instrumental)

Julian AssangeEnd TimesDavid Icke

Aint Got Nothing But Love (Electric Blues)

Muddy Waters BluesJohnny Winters BluesStevie Ray Vaughan

Transonic Tripster

Beyond Satriani, Vai, Halen & Hendrix

Take Peace Or SufferInnovationAdvanced Chord Substitution

Crystal Ball (Acoustic Gypsy)

Byzantine HarmonyBohemian RhapsodyGypsy Woman

Improvision (Rock Jazz)

Future SoundsDouglas DietrichRevelations

Refugee Tears (Arab Music)

Planet Earth 2017Tears Of DesperationWe Are Practising Vampire Voyeurism

Purple Rain (Beyond Prince)

Prince Guitar StylesSlave SacrificedWho Killed Prince?

Country Pumpkin (Country Rock)

Fingerstyle Guitar LessonsOpen TuningsMerle Haggard

Misty (Solo Jazz Chord Melody)

Solo Guitar Misty SwanMisty LondonMisty Heart Chord Melody Choromatic Composition Techniques Errol Garner

Gypsy (Solo Guitar Composition)

Exotic ScalesArpeggiosString Bends

Freedom Jazz Dance (Jazz-Rock Fusion)

Freeform MusicJazz Guitar Classes LondonJazz Fusion Courses London

UnicornUk's leading axe virtuoso and tutor, one to one tuition








The guitar lessons are individually customised for each person to progress organically from any stage of guitar technique whether Total Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Semi-Pro or Professional Level of Performance. Finger Yoga will improve your musicianship, tone and ability, faster than any other system in the world and works for anyone who is serious and willing to put in time, energy and diligent practise!







Learn Guitar Lesson Secrets with Uk's Leading Axe Virtuoso

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Englands Hottest Virtuoso Teacher

1 Man Guitar Institute

5 Years Progress in 6 months

Learn Technique Secrets
Zen Music Teaching Jedi





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Leading Uk Blues Guitarist
What a Poser! Is he Cuckoo?



John Mizarolli made Guitar History by releasing 24 Albums in 1 year! Hit the crazy image below to check his Discography on AMAZON UK
Check Out Historic 24 Guitar Album Release by JOHN MIZAROLLI


Improvisation Gear Creativity
Songwriting Mixing
Performance Recording
Survival Production

Theory Soloing



Private Guitar Lessons London Music of the Spheres Institute
of Improvisation & Creativity for
Axemen, Artistes, Musicians, Hobbyists, Professionals, Singers, Instrumentalists, Arrangers & Songwriters




Intense Music Courses

Ambitious Musicians

Any Style Electric or Acoustic





This Unique Guitar Institute is for dedicated ambitious axe grinders. Learn guitar techniques of the millenium. Studying with an expert yields improvement in the nuances of embellishment, style morphing, sound, form, tone, control, definition, inflection, amp-pedal control, performance, recording, songwriting, improvisation and creativity. Ideal for composers, producers, arrangers, engineers, performers, gigging musicians, video & recording artistes. Try a 3 hour guitar lesson and learn vital playing techniques with UKs legendary cult axeman.



5 Years Progress in 6 months is only possible with guitarists who breathe, sleep, live & eat music 24 hours a day and take 3 or 4 lessons a week with John!
Guitar Tracks

To learn guitar with an expert guitar instructor who has trained thousands of successful musicians means to improve your talent at maximum speed using minimum time and energy. No delusions!

Private London Guitar Academy of Rock
London Guitar Courses

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Guitar Courses In London

UKs hottest Axe Jedi and innovative teacher offers superior results. John Mizarolli reveals how to superboost your playing skills beyond recognition. You will achieve a quantum leap using Hendrix Profiling, Zen Philosophy, Brain Pattern Synesthesia and Advanced Finger Techniques. The best guitar lessons in London are music innovations utilising the Sciences of Holophony, Chromasonics, Photosonics and Spirit-Mind-Body alignment to attain pure creative freedom. Freeform Jazz Guitar Courses are included. The Map for Theoretical Freedom & Limitless Composition, Improvisation.




Axe Legend and Ginger Baker

John Mizarolli Gigging with Creams legendary drummer Ginger Baker



Skeptics think these methods are pseudo sciences or a sales pitch. Nothing could be further from the truth and most of these critics are not usually the best players! If you can be bothered to listen to the guitar tracks on this site, you will experience an astounding range of styles and genre variation far above the normal spectrum of most superstar guitarists! This should also give you insight to the integrity and depth of the best guitar lessons in London by Uks legendary Axeman at Music Of The Spheres Private Institute!

rock guitar is freedom







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The practical results accomplished in the course are amazing. This is why over 27000 musicians have enrolled to date on the best music course around. One to one guitar sessions with John, have opened the door for many musicians to the top gigs. Johns students have gigged and recorded with endless superstars. This has established Mizarolli as the leading private guitar tutor in the UK, at Earths only Zen Guitar Institute


We Will Rock You

Music is Spiritual. The Egyptians used it for healing. Even today it still has the same function! To channel music is a Science and an Art. Somewhere between Spirit & Science, is a Visual Language which is yet to be documented on Earth to date! Vibrational Science Defines the Mechanics of how Energy Manifests! From Hyperspace to Local Space it tunnels to Create Shape which can be defined as Sustained Sets of Dynamic Force Geometry Algorithms. Music is Emotional Telepathy. Welcome to Music of the Spheres!


Guitar Lessons In London


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Free Rock Music


The teaching sessions are customised for any level of guitarist and designed to target personal goals. You will learn how to apply melodic soloing, harmonic embellishment and rhythmic variation in your performance. Cutting-edge results at Londons most innovative axe school. All styles of electric and acoustic are covered. Each lesson is a step towards you achieving your musical desire and vision. Developing a truthful perspective on how to enhance your performing, technique, rhythm and music theory means, no stone left unturned!

Hear 25 Styles Online

Fight against the corporate trash that is airbrushing good Blues & Rock out of the media. Join the Independent Musicians Revolution where noone is left stranded on the island of YouTube to showcase their work with zero financial rewards. 99 Percent of musos worldwide are being eclipsed by the current old & dying recording music industry, which has shrunk according to Spotify from 32 billion dollars a year to a mere 1 billion dollars a year!

Amazing Live Electric Blues Solo


Guitar - John Mizarolli

Bass - Izzee Misri

Drums - Kenny Stone

If you really want to rev up your improvisation potential to maximum speed in minimum time, the guitar teacher you choose should be able to demonstrate his ability to improvise!


Can your Teacher really Improvise? Choosing a tutor means using your musical diligence. 1000s of instructors on YouTube and The Web are just widdling at high speed, sweep technique, tapping and shredding but...



If not, then you are definitely in danger of adding 10 to 20 more years to achieving your musical goal! So, listen and ask yourself, are they a Memory Jukebox just reciting their favorite licks or practising sequences during a solo?


Is your Guitar Coach an Instructor demonstrating Memory or Inspiration?


All the Certificates, Qualifications and Hype are irrelevant if you end up sounding like an Intellectual Stiff when you play! The naked truth is that it takes years of correct effort!


90 Percent of Guitarists and Musicians cannot improvise! Hmmmm? If you listen to the recordings above, you will realise Mizarolli is ...

A Hot Improviser, No Poser, Pure Feel and his musical philosophy Works in Realtime!

Blues Guitar Improvisation Classes London

Nowadays, too many instrumentalists are just Technicians, not Musicians! John Mizarolli has been teaching his Spirit-Mind-Body Zen Improvisation Course for nearly 50 years. Despite criticism, oppression, jealousy and blacklisting from the now dying music biz, he blows most signed guitar superstars off the planet forever! There are a few perks to not being an Industry Slave! John states .... Stars have the money and fame, but I have the Freedom of Inspirational Sounds. I play whatever I want, whenever I choose. Noone dictates to me or owns my time! The Music Biz was never big enough to contain my Universe of Inspiration! The offer of a guilded cage is cheap! Creative Freedom in this Cyborg World is Goldust to me!


Welcome to the only Zen Guitar Institute on Earth! It is time for a Musicians Revolution! Why? Because there are no musicians rights anymore!


JOHN MIZAROLLI, the most experienced UK Private Guitar Teacher, Sensei and Sonic Samurai Warrior offers Jedi Level London based Guitar Sessions!



Learn to play guitar in all genres of House, Rap, Fusion, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Soul, Rockabilly, Country, Funk, Grime, Garage, Gypsy, Spanish, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Classical, Jazz-Funk, Folk, Jazz-Rock, Funk, Punk, Latin, Ethnic & Heavy Metal.

Einstein was a Musician

Join the Millenium Cyberpunk Revolution. Electric Guitar Secrets for Improvisation in at least 25 styles. To discuss Tuition in detail, with the Best Guitar Teacher in London!

Electric Guitar Courses London

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Led Zeppelin



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Endorsed by Line6 Charlie Christian Endorsed by TcElectronic Jimmy Page
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