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Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

What is chromasonics? hype? music theory? chords?
An innovative music system, never before documented, used for tonal principles in composition, harmony, improvisation and chromatic embellishments!
In reality it is a new template for new music in any style! In short, music history!
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition
Johns guitar sessions introduce a new science of western Music. When you learn guitar in conjunction with guitar music theory, this music tool gives birth to a totally new form of application for melody and harmony, an innovation which is also the root geometric matrix of the superstring theory.
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition Einstein himself in his latter days was searching for a geometric answer to the unified field theory, which means one equation for everything in the known electromagnetic spectrum.
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition The superstring theory states that everything in the universe can be thought of as a unit of vibration or energy that acts like a vibrating string. So one of the most advanced scientific theories for 4000 years is based on music!
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition Chromasonics is music and science history, fully researched by John and his guitar students over the last 10 years.
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition
It is the coded crossover of the 3 mediums Light, sound and emotion
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition The result in 2012 is a quantum leap expressed in visual chord symbols. The system will radiate via osmosis into the current and future world music media and educational channels. This will expand the possibilities of how to play the guitar exponentially!
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition Chromasonics expresses a Chord-Arpeggio-Scale as 1 symbol
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition Major (Red)    Minor (Blue)   Dominant (Green) = Cultural Standard =
3 Dimensions of
Tonality plus 3 Bitonals & 1 Atonal (white)
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition An expansion of the 3 cultural dimensions of music to 7 dimensions!
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition A new paradygm = 7 dimensions of tonality. An historic quantum leap in musical conciousness introducing new musical concepts in harmony & creativity based on the expansion of the current world paradigm.
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition The following symbols are examples of the Lost Chord!
Blues & Rock Guitar Tuition The system has never been documented before and can be used to organise tonal principles for use in composition, harmony, improvisation and chromatic embellishments. New guitar riffs, licks and chords!

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