Mizarolli Guitar Lessons
Uk's leading virtuoso and 1-man guitar institute John Mizarolli 07958 427 236
Roland Uk endorses John as One of Uk's True Guitar Virtuosos. You are listening to "BEBOP LOVE"

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Uk's Leading Guitar Virtuoso
Endorsed by

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure

Uncommon Sense

Sadistic World

Alien Transmission

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Meditation is Awakened Sleep

Jimi Hendrix
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix
Bob Marley
John Lennon

Robots Awakening Dance

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Guitar Lessons by Guitar Virtuoso John Mizarolli 08707 508 508
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Performed by John Mizarolli
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P03 - Arpeggio Sound
Seventies Soul - Arppegiated Guitar

P10 - MeteorTears
Melting guitar sound, hints of Hendrix
'Band of Gypsies' era.

P11 - Chaser
Driving Techno Rock Sound

P12 - Cheater Blues
Using both sides of the amp, cutting blues effect

P26 - Techno Shred
Incorporating synth & guitar amp setting. Awesome shred solo and techno dance beat.
Lightning solo disappears in a flash!

P39 - Talking Bass
Beautifully expressive talking synth bass sound!
Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lessons

Main Features

10 speaker types
20 amp types
8 pickup variations
26 COSM based effects
Full dynamic range
RRP £1099
3 year warranty
First 200 UK VGA-7's come with free GK-2A(£162)

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guitar lessons 07958 427 236

Learn Guitar with John Mizarolli 07958 427 236

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