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11 'Beginner to Intermediate' Guitar Lessons by John Mizarolli

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12 Cool Funk Licks
Tasty rhythms in the style of Nile Rogers. Improve left and right hand coordination. Suit beginners, intermediate or advanced!
Blues Lead Techniques
Blues licks and sequences using major/minor pentatonic blues scales.
Backing track included. Improves blues soloing.

Blues Rhythms
Good blues soloists understand backing chords too.
13 blues rhythms for your blues vocabulary!

Beginners Chords
Basic dylanesque folk-rock chords in 3 positions.
Funk Rhythms
13 Juicy Funk Rhythms. Insight into Black Funk Styles!
How To Read Music & Tab
For the beginner. Time signature, rhythm notation, notes and rests.
Jazz Chords
Progressions in 3 positions to broaden chord knowledge
Jazz Licks
20 licks in the swing style. Charlie Christian, Django etc...
Useful Guitar Runs!

Latin Rhythms
12 grooves in bossa-nova and Santanesque latin rock style.
Rhythm & Blues
20 R&B grooves.
Rock Rhythms
16 poky rhythms. Tighten your riffing chops.

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