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All guitars & vocals on the recordings by John Mizarolli except for featured guests
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UK's major underground blues-rock guitarist
Endorsed by Roland as one of Uk's true guitar virtuosos
Virtuoso extraordinaire - International Encyclopaedia of Rock & Heavy Metal
Revelation of Ginger Baker's Band Energy - Italian Press 15000 attendance in Rome
Stupifying Wizardry - Kerrang

Exclusive millenium internet release 2012 by legendary guitarist, teacher, mentor
Endorsed by Big Joe Turner (B.B.King's & Albert Kings bassist for 10 years) & Ginger Baker (Cream)

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*** Live at the Barrelhouse ***
double cd set

electric bass Andy Herbert drums Martin Symonds

John Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon Live Blues & Rock Album

All I've Got Is Love
Only One Way Out
You Can't Run
(free mp3 no1)

I'll Be Nobody's Clown
Hoochie Koochie Man

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Features live Jimi Hendrix & Peter Green covers! One of the best live " Hey Joe " versions ever!

Hey Joe

(free mp3 no2)

Need Your Love So Bad
Black Magic Woman
All Along The Watchtower
It Happened To Me
Voodoo Chile

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***A Long Way From Mississippi ***
vocals John L Watson
bassTony Ciniglio keys & piano Simon Davies drums John Clark

Soon after the recording of this album , Mizarolli's blues guitar work  was recognised by BB Kings Bassist - Big Joe Turner .. John did all the guitar work his album  Memphis Blues Caravan released on Mystic Records

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Road Runner
(free mp3 no3)

Please Stop Me From Crying
Out In The Cold Again
I Wanna Make an
Honest Woman Out Of You
My Baby, She's Gone
Roll Train Roll
I've Got Your Number
You've Been Told
Best Little Diner
Be-Bop Love
Lookin' For A Good Time
On The Road Again

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Roger Meyer who was Jimi Hendrix's personal guitar effects man endorses Mizarolli as one of the top
5 guitar sound processing technicians in the UK, demonstrated by the range of styles on these cds

***Jazz Slaves ***
guest guitarist Dick Farelli
bass Lyn Edmenson keysTerry Disley
lead synth Geoff Castle percussion Richard Marcangelo
chapman stick Jim Lampi scat singing Sue Shattock
keyboards Steve Lodder classical guitar Bob Bruce

drums Brett Morgan

Jazz & Jazz-Rock Guitar Styles & Compositions - A collection of under & overground British Jazz Artistes

(free mp3 no4)

Adios Amigos
Gypsy Love
First Inspiration

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p3 Down

*** Gigging For The Angels ***
drums Gary Ferguson, Kofi Baker & Brett Morgan
bass Andy Herbert & Lyn Edmenson
backing vocals Carol Kenyon, Marla Van Laar, Kathy Hall, Camilla Luff
keyboards Vincent Crane, Simon Elvin

Hailed as a  "Radical Guitar" album by  International Music Mags -Frontier Guitar Sounds

The Key Is Love
Strange Creature
Gigging For The Angels
If It's Me That You Want
Get It On
(free mp3 no5)

Another Lover
The Prowler
Warning I Love You

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Free Mp3 Douit

***Live At The Truscott Arms ***
double cd set

Andy Herbert drums Martin Symonds

John plays guitar in a pub in Maida Vale !

Space Jam
(free mp3 no6)
Need Your Love So Bad
Black Magic Woman
Only One Way Out
All I Got Is Love
The Key Is Love

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Live pub guitar music!

Hoochie Koochie Man
(free mp3 no7)
All Along The Watchtower
You Can't Run
I'll Be Nobody's Clown
It Happened To Me
Voodoo Chile

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**JTM Project ***
lead vocals & keys Noel McCalla
bass & backing vocals Henry Thomas
keys & synths Godfrey Wang
drums & percussion
Brett Morgan
Funk guitar - also featuring  Bass Guitar by Henry "King  Thumb"  Thomas  who played on recent All Saints Album  - This album came out before Level 42!

I Just Wanna dance
Looking For Number 1
All I Wanna Do
(free mp3 no8)

Counting On You
Groove Tube
I Believe
I Couldn't Believe It
I Know I Must Be In Love
You Make Me Feel Like A King
I'm Gonna Miss You
Sad World
Other Side Of Love

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*** Message From The 5th Stone ***
featuring Ginger Baker

drums Ginger Baker, Brett Morgan, Richard Bailey
keyboards & synths Don Airey Chris Parren
bass Henry Thomas, John McKenzie
lead vocal Noel McCalla, Jon Elstar

backing vocals Vikki & Sam Brown, Stevie Lange, Joy Yates

When this guitar album came out  it was hailed by the british critics as "more modern than jeff beck & clapton"  it also earned john a place in Guitar history as "Virtuoso Extraordinaire"

No Magic Love
 Granny Did It
Ain't Nobody-
Gonna Bring Me Down
Message From The 5th Stone
Lost Your Love My Love
Wake Up & Live
Is MamaThePresident?
(free mp3 no9)
Mama Never Told You

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*** Spectrum Zone ***
Mizarolli Magic
double cd set
rhythm guitars & bass on Geinorion Pete Sault
bass Big Joe Turner, Lyn Edmenson, Andy Herbert, John McCkenzie, Henry Thomas, Tony Ciniglio
drums Ginger Baker, Kofi Baker, Brett Morgan,
Richard Bailey, John Clark, Gary Ferguson
vocals John L Watson
Noel McCalla, Marla Van Laar

keyboards Don Airey, Simon Davies, Terry Disley
alto sax Kelvin Christine

£5 spectrum zone 1

Mistaken Identity
Message From The 5th Stone
Ain't Nobody Gonna
Bring Me Down
Please Stop Me From Crying
Against The Tide
(free mp3 no10)

Johnny's Jangle

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Dangerous Electric Blues Guitar track opens this cd  - featuring Ginger Bakers son KOFI BAKER at 17  years old following in his dads footsteps.

All I Got Is Love
(free mp3 no11)
Running Water
The Key Is Love
The Prowler
Freefall Over Brazil
Opium Trail
Creed Of Peace

download free mp3 no11

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*** Jazz Rebel 2000 ***
featuring Boz Burrell

John's guitar work smashes the traditional jazz guitar idiom - guitar madness

Runaway Man
Mr PC 
Freedom Jazz Dance
(free mp3 no12)

Amazon Oracle
Culture Jungle

download free mp3 no12

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ree M

featuring Pete Brown co-writes
bass Andy Herbert, Dave Hadley
drums Tony Natale
backing vocals Jacqui Walters, Holly Penfield

John's guitar work smashes the traditional jazz guitar idiom - guitar madness

White Room was produced
by Pete Brown
Wild Thing was produced
by Reg Presley

Purple Rain
(Storm Version)
It Happened To Me
Chill Out
All Along The Watchtower
I'm Gonna Ressurect My Love For You
 Time Dont Wait
(free mp3 no13)

White Room
Wild Thing
Until You Hurt Me

download free mp3 no13

listen to free mp3 no13

3 live underground video cds
view on windows media player

Original Rock & Blues Guitar based Performances


John Mizarolli Plays Hendrix - after this amazing gig John was acclaimed by British "GUITARIST" magazine as a "major british guitarist"

Colne Blues Festival - More Electric Blues Guitar


Live at The Camden Palace
electric live performance
blues & rock original material
live at The Limelight Club
1 hour of Jimi Hendrix
4000 attendance - historic performance
live at The Colne International Blues Festival
Mizarolli was tipped for the blues hall of fame

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E-mail info@guitar2010.co.uk

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electric guitar tablature and acoustic guitar tablature are used to present songs and guitar techniques in lessons. What is not presented in guitar tablature is either in standard music notation or chord diagrams

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