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If you really want to play guitar scales, chords and arpeggios at the speed of thought, you need to practise them until your thought waves are in the mode of what you hear in your imagination. You play them so many times that they become mantric and you are the sound. Visualisation techniques boost ability to learn guitar as well as improvising. You must concentrate, visualise and hear in your mind all you can play in the real world. This is how you program the sound you want to become instinctive or intuitive in performance or recording situations.


Synesthesia is a natural faculty of the brain


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On your first guitar lesson it's not necessary to learn every scale possible. For example, harmonic and melodic minor scales are rarely used in standard commercial corporate rock music. Most forms of metal do use harmonic minors though. So if you are planning to play classic type rock you can leave those guitar scales for later, especially since they are much more complicated than others to harmonise.


Beatles Guitarist George HarrisonBonoThe Egyptians used sound for healing


A major or minor pentatonic blues scale will usually work over anything, blasted out of course! The pentatonic scale originated in China. Every note in the scale had an esoteric meaning and spiritual significance over the human psyche! Black man won his freedom with the knowledge of this scale and the heart chakra! The music was called blues!



Pythagoras replaced blood sacrifice by using numbers instead



Learning an entire syllabus of guitar scales or modes will take more than just a few sessions but the course includes this system as a matter of course. Your progress becomes addictive as you learn mental techniques that actually work. You won't be able to leave your guitar alone. The Egyptians used sound for healing, so the science of vibrational philosophy goes beyond licks, riffs and songs.


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The source of creating music is in the heart of harmony itself. Science, theory, philosophy and then practical use of your tools. Imagination is the most powerful instrument to learn how to play. You play imagination with strings of visualisation. If it is in tune and your technique is good, then you will hear it back on a recording and be pleased. One of the many down points of modern guitar players right now is that most are technicians, not musicians. YouTube is full of widdly widdly sweep technique and speed freaks, but where's the feel gone?



Life is Everywhere



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Using a variety of guitar scales in a phrase can be difficult, but remember even if you make a mistake, you can turn it into a positive by building on it to create a new enchanting phrase. Bluffing, as it is known amongst pros. This is a standard pro joke amongst experienced gigging and recording soloists. When guitar scales become second nature and you play in any key without the slightest hesitation, that is only the beginning.


Sound is like a perfume in spaceKnowledge of frequency is a portal


What scale goes with what chord? Then you must make it musical and expressive. Sequences on melody are only a small part of motor skills. You must visualise your melody and let your imagination and music play you! Not memorise your motor skills then show off what a great memory you have. When you sing, endomorphines are set off in the brain. Chanting does the same, that's why a choir sounds so beautiful. In meditation a mantra is a word you repeat to center your mind. Anything cycled centers your mind including constant guitar practise.



Photosonic Perception


Guitar scales and chord-scale relationships should become first nature when improvising. The most important thing is feel, phrasing and taste. Wise use of guitar scales gives you the ability to improvise and play great solos provided your musicianship has been matured. Learning guitar scales should not be a chore but enjoyable enough to practise for hours! In western cultural music, scales are usually defined as major, minor or dominant in quality. Arpeggios and chords are just as important a tool for improvising. Remember modes are really scales too! Don't let all the flashy names scare the shit out of you. There are only 12 notes in western music so each guitar scale usually has 7 different notes. That leaves 5 Notes to panic about!


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