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Ode To BB King
John uses a Fender Strat plus, modified by Oasis guitar repairer Bill Puplett, who customised it by adding a 75 year old maple neck. John was immediately impressed with the absence of boom or wallow at the bass end of the frequency spectrum.

Jazzy Mood

Continuing with the clean blues sound, as a jazzier, warmer tone emerges, John discovers how obvious and easy it is to use the rotary selection controls on the front panel. 'One small move on the rotary and you can get an immediate extensive range of tones'. He urges guitarists to experiment for themselves, and find a sound that feels right.

Ode To Manitas

A clean spanish sound dedicated to the famous Gypsy guitarist, Manitas del Plata (Little Hands of Silver). John introduces the Parker Fly. The Parker Classic Piezo pick up transforms the electric guitar to an acoustic sounding instrument.


This was recorded using a Fender '52 Vintage Reissue Telecaster. Solo Jazz Guitar performance demos the expressive tone of the Telecaster and Sonus Combination.

Country Pumpkin

Recorded using a Fender Strat Plus and a Rat Distortion Pedal to get that shitkickin' Country Rock Guitar Sound.

Sitting On A Hollow Log

Recorded using an Emerald Acoustic Guitar into the Sonus - A Cool Classic Blues featuring the amazing voice of blues legend John L. Watson accompanied by Mizarolli.

Key To The Highway

Recorded using an Emerald Acoustic Guitar into the Sonus - A Cool Classic Blues featuring the amazing voice of blues legend John L. Watson accompanied by Mizarolli


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Main Features

30 Tone Circuits

All Valve

Warm Clean Tones

No Background Noise


Protection Circuit

Acoustic Resonance Chambers

Award Winning
Slim Styling

Integral System

Expansion Port

CE Approval

LV Certification

Custom Flight

Case Included


 In accordance with true guitar innovation the radical design of Sonus is impressive. The Sonus SC50 is a unique sounding amp worthy of attention from guitarists worldwide. On the demos performed, John found a setting he felt comfortable and inspired by and suggests guitarists do the same. It could be said that the middle rotary selection control is the heart of the SC50. Many modern amps focus on mid range to the detriment of other frequencies, not so with the Sonus. A good guitar amp should allow the character of the instrument to shine through, and this is certainly the case with Sonus, as you will discover in the improvisations demonstrated. The Sonus is inspiring with an acoustic or electric guitar and is good for all types of music that need a crystal clear sound.


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