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Alexandros Panagakis

Alexandros PanagakisMusic Of The SpheresAlexandros Panagakis
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Alex Panagakis has completed the Music of the Spheres guitar course and took private tuition in technique, theory, improvisation and composition with John Mizarolli on and off for 10 years. The 2 tracks on this page are a colaboration and Alex played all the guitars. John produced, sang and wrote the lyrics. He's a guitarist from Greece with rich experience in performing, teaching  and recording, despite his young age. He has developed a formidable rock approach to guitar.

When Alex first came to England in 2004 to do a Music Degree at Kingston University, he approached legendary guitar player and teacher John Mizarolli for guitar and theory lessons. John’s tutoring coupled with Alexs amazing talent led him to be hand-picked by David Osbon, Head of Music of Kingston University to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 2 separate occasions aged just 18 years old. Due to Mizarolli's music theory course Alex was a quantum leap ahead of all the other students. During his Jazz Improvisation lessons at the University, the teacher didn’t even let him answer any questions on music theory! Cos' he'd spoil it for everyone else!

During his 3 years at the university, Alex gigged relentlessly across the rock and metal bars of London. It was during this time he met future Winter’s Verge bassist Miguel Trapezaris. Alex returned to Greece for the obligatory but much hated military service in 2007. His teaching career began at that same time, in his hometown of Athens.
After returning to the UK in 2009 and successfully completing a Master’s Degree in Music Education. Alex has also appeared in the Bollywood feature-film Cocktail and performed alongside Indian superstars Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone in the film’s music scene. Continuing to teach and gig in and around London, Alex started expanding his repertoire to include styles like blues and classic rock, and in the summer of 2011 he joined a London-based blues band that included Nick Daperis, the original bass player of legendary Greek sixties outfit Peloma Bokioy.

2012 is clearly Alex’s year, as he has not only began recording his debut album in collaboration with John Mizarolli, with guest appearance by the aforementioned Miguel Trapezaris of Winter’s Verge  on bass guitar duties, but he is also working on another yet untitled Bollywood production, on which he was hand picked to give private lessons to India’s biggest ever superstar, namely Sharukh Khan. Check Alex and Sharukh at


Alexandros Panagakis and Max Edwards

Mizarolli now considers Alex a contemporary guitar force to be reckoned with and a great representation of the future of rock guitar playing. There is a possibility that Alex will be introduced to Gus G, Ozzie Osbourne's new greek guitarman. Alex is now also studying Byzantine Music in Athens .... it's all Greek to me!

Free Guitar Stuff
Form Object

The Machines Design

Alexandros Panagakis
Guitars & Drums

John Mizarolli

Production, Vocals and Lyrics


Miguel Trapezaris



I tried to walk inside your lucid trust
You left out all the things you should’ve sussed

And now it’s time for you to dance
The old order’s crumbling, still in a trance

I saw the end of the world as we know it

You think celebrity is your enemy
But you’re just losing influence on young minds

The hourglass steals your bloodstained ecstasy
The future war is the machine’s design

Truth is greater than time, Love is the sigh

Truth is greater than time

Tsunami of infusion raises peasant cries
As the master of puppets loses all his lies

Reversal of the poles creates a castle of fools
Bionic agenda with too many impotent tools

I saw the end of the world as we know it

Truth is greater than time

Love is the sigh
Truth is greater than time

Fearless in the vision of genocides end

The slaves inheritance is a scream you can send
Shaken are the graves of a million angels
A weeping mother craves no more deaths in the cradle

I saw the end of the world as we know it

Truth is greater than time
, Love is the sigh
Truth is greater than time, Truth is greater than time
Love is the sigh, Truth is greater than time

I saw the end of the world as we know it

Fallen Queen


Alexandros Panagakis
Guitars, Bass & Drums

John Mizarolli
Production, Vocals and Lyrics


I fell out of bed like a dead man walking,
The clock was down and the wind was in my hair
I opened the door, heard the nightbird talking
What’s happened to me just ain’t fair

Rain like steel cut my wheels to a spin
Saw my life pass by but I got no fear
The pain I feel is luck running thin
Pushes blood to my head, death is so near, death is so near
I walked to the edge, saw your face in the mist
I could taste danger

Fallen queen, you know it’s the end for you
Poisoned scene, an overwhelming moon

I was aghast at the way you came in from above
Like a gang of thieves, you were stealing all my love
Hold on tight into the night, I can see all you feel
I was laughing the thunder to the ground

As I went down you were my lady luck
Then you broke the ice when you threw loaded dice
Smashed my heart like a mirror

Now I’m on the attack, I'm on the attack

I took on the foetus position
Disappeared behind the dragon
I could smell destruction

Fallen queen, you know it’s the end for you
Poisoned scene, an overwhelming moon

Breaking down cool, leaving all my thoughts behind, oh
Aching loves fool, believing all my faults
Rising like a phoenix, grieving like a ghost that’s blind
Need a quick fix, life is so unkind
I got to escape, nothing can hold me now

Fallen queen, you know it’s the end for you
Poisoned scene, an overwhelming moon
Fallen queen, you know it’s the end for you
Poisoned scene, an overwhelming moon

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