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Guitar Improvisation Lessons by Virtuoso John Mizarolli

Alien in a Pumpkin

Cosmic Vibration

Country Guitar Lessons by John Mizarolli 

John Mizarolli demonstrates a Sonus Amplifier

  Country Rock Guitar Lessons by John Mizarolli  

Country & Blues share the same Music Theory 

A truly Wise Man  

   A Pumpkin demonstrates Eating Healthy

  Pump Kin in the Moonlight  

John in the USA in a Hurricane 

Country Guitarist's Ghost

Gotta keep yo ass warm somehow   

Johns Students Jamming 

No Eyes for me

    A Potential Country Guitar Legend 

    John Mizarolli did a Gig with Wailing Jennings in Alaska!

Whilst in the USA John met Cher & Greg Allman

 Country Music is 80% of the American Music Market

 Guitar Lessons by John Mizarolli 

Dickie Betts uses Chromatics in his Guitar Work

John as he would like to look if he was a Country Boy

   Famous Pumpking  

One of Mizarolli's Star Country Students

  Country Gal of my Dreams

  Pumpking Royalty




Country-Rock Style Guitar is not what amazing guitarist John Mizarolli is known for.

This great guitar solo demonstrates his improvisation ability and versatility in yet another genre!



Country Pumpkin






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This Track just doesn't sound like the Mizarolli we know!?

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