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UKs No 1 Blues Guitarist
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Englands Hottest Teacher & Virtuoso
1-Man Guitar Institute
Zen Teaching Jedi


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Guitar Improvisation Lessons by Virtuoso John Mizarolli







Cosmic Vibration






Gospel to Blues to Jazz to Rock'n'Roll to R&B to The 60's to Jazz-Rock to Heavy Metal to 80's Rock - 90's - Millenium Music is all Blues Based   






Delta Blues was born in Mississippi






Bo Diddley has a Classical Degree in Music








Blues is supposed to Reflect Life







Funk - R&B - Disco - Soul are all Blues Based
















Robert Johnson & Led Belly were Legendary Blues Guitarists 









John Mizarolli has played Guitar for both Big Joe Turners 










Mizarolli is Rated as Uk's Top Blues Guitarist by Big Joe Turner










The Guitar Sound you are listening to is being played through this Amp











Jimi Hendrix was rejected by the Black Music Scene! 













It's rumoured that there is a Video or Recording of Wes Montgomery teaching Hendrix when he was 9 years old!

















  You can Induct all styles & idioms into the Blues  










Blues can be Happy or Sad










Blues came from Black Afro-American Slaves












On days off - Black Slaves would play Jazz to Party 













This Acoustic Guitar has No Wood!













Sonus was based in Scotland



John L Watson is a Blues Legend


Emerald Acoustic Guitar & Sonus Amp



Produced & Mixed



Delta Blues

Guitar Lessons

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Key To The Highway


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Son House






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Lead Belly






Bob Dylan






Charley Patton







Blues Guitar Lessons by John MizarolliJohn L Watson is in the Blues Hall of FameJohn L Watson is the Best Blues Singer in the UKBlues came from Gospel Music 

Although Blues came from Gospel - Racism branded it as the Devil's Music Sitar Music is the Blues of India  Bazooki Music is the Blues of Greece  Flamenco Music is the Blues of Spain

Rock Music is White Blues        Blues Guitar is currently a dying ArtBlues progressed into Jazz    Hendrix brought Blues into the Electric Guitar   
BB King is the King of Blues  Blues is the basis of Rock'n'RollAll Blues Performers were Ripped Off for their Record Royalties         Alot of Blues Artistes had their names changed on Recordings so the Record Companies could get ALL THE MONEY!

The Pentatonic Scale is used Predominantly in Blues Phrasing   The Pentatonic Blues Scale is Originally from China    The Techniques used in Blues Guitar are Sitar Techniques  White Country Music & Black Blues Music share exactly the same Music Theory!  

Redhouse by Hendrix took 12-bar blues to another levelPeter Green & Eric Clapton were the best Uk Blues Guitarists in the 60's   BB King's Favourite Guitarist is Django Rheinhardt  

Uk's leading axe virtuoso and tutor



Emerald are based in Ireland





Mizarolli Lessons Cover

Blues Theory In Full Detail

Learn Guitar

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