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John Mizarolli

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Uk's leading axe virtuoso and tutor

Guitar Lessons London

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Most guitar teachers do not demo their playing skills across a large range of musical genres and styles.

On this site, John is only too happy
to have serious guitarists listen to his genre morphing recordings & live performing achievements.




To further understand the teaching syllabus and guitar styles covered in the courses, surf the site to listen to the amazing quality of guitarwork on offer.



If your guitar teacher cannot play the styles you want to learn, your practical result will be directly affected and this will add years to you reaching your musical goal!




People say that those who cannot do, teach. Well, Mizarolli is dynamite at playing and teaching!



Further, you can hear him on actual recordings that are in some cases, Guitar History!



Guitar Lessons London based in NW London are in a studio, custom built for guitar students comfort and ease of attaining superior results provided you understand how to integrate your practise time into your lifestyle.




The main desire of most guitar players is to progress at maximum speed with minimum time and energy.




Left and right hand syncronisation must be linked with Meter, Musicianship, Picking Accuracy, Tonal Quality and Fluidity, thus nurturing spontaneous ability for high level Recording, Live Performances and Faster Composition & Improvising Skills.





If this sounds like what you would like to improve?

Give John Mizarolli a ring!

07958 427 236







Guitar Lessons London


Guitar Lesson Enquiries





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